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Based on a powerful VW Touareg with a 4.2L turbo diesel V8 engine and 8 speed automatic transmission, our Tracking Touareg  accelerates smoothly to 100 km/h in under 6 seconds and will continue to gain speed until the clock strikes 250 km/h. The Touareg's sophisticated all-wheel drive and air- suspension systems can easily be adjusted to suit the road conditions and shot requirements for great on- and off-road performance. In addition to adjustable suspension we have wheel and tyre combinations available  for high speed or off road use.


 Vertical posts at the front and rear of the vehicle is used to quickly mount the Omniworx Mighty Arm in various directions and heights for multiple shot possibilities.  The vertical posts can also be mounted on the corners of the vehicle for grater mounting and shot possibilities.  The Mighty Arm  can carry camera and gimbal payloads of up to 50kg allowing for the use of professional camera packages as well as  DSLR's for the indie film with a need for speed.

Our Ronin 2 is included as standard and can handle camera payloads up to 13 kg at speeds up to 120 km/h.

Inside our Tracking Touareg we have 2 rear facing head rest mounted 12" screens for camera operating and focus pulling. On the front seat a Shogun Inferno serves as a handheld director's monitor with recording and playback function.  

All the mounting hardware, Mighty Arm, Ronin 2 and monitoring equipment travel in a purpose built support trailer, allowing us to easily operate all over South Africa. Our mounting hardware has been designed to allow the towing of our support trailer with the rear mounting post in position, saving valuable time when travelling between lo

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