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Rooted in a young filmmaker's ambition to capture the perfect shot OMNIWORX FILM SOLUTIONS was established to brand the equipment we developed over the last few years and in those to come to ever enhance and expand our film making capabilities. 


Werner Nortje, Owner, Founder, Designer, Cinematographer, Steadycam Operator, Grip

Owner, Founder, Designer

Cinematographer, Steadycam Operator, Grip

Werner attended AFDA, The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performace, where he graduated and obtained his Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Motion Picture Medium as part of the class of 2014. During his studies Werner drew upon his technical skills and ingenuity to enhance the quality of his work. A rudimentary garage built dolly and one 3m track along with a DSLR jib sparked the phrase that has since become this company’s motto – Technical Solutions for Creative Problems. Werner and his fellow student crew had no shortage of creative problems in their efforts to raise the bar with their student films. When a graduation film project called for moving vehicle shots Werner answered with his own vehicle mount design which helped grant him the second place in the Kodak Student Scholarship Program in 2013. During that same year he spent most of his free time training on a steadycam that AFDA had sitting in their stores. It was with a heavy heart that Werner had to say goodbye to his training rig when his time came to an end at AFDA with no replacement waiting at home. Not forgetting what he learnt, he set out in 2015 to design and build his own rig to further shoot and train in the art of Steadycam. During his studies and thereafter he continued to consecutively design and build various grips equipment pieces to add to his arsenal of shot possibilities. Looking to the future Werner aims to transition from a freelance grip and steadycam operator to a D.O.P. using his “toys” under his creative control.

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