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Custom built to be tough and versatile,  our arsenal of grips  equipment is meant to provide our clients with the technical solutions for their creative problems.  Digital cinema or DSLR our equipment can handle  any modern payload.

Quick and simple, the Track and Slider System  is a  modular solution to provide horizontal camera movement in multiple on-set applications.  You have the  option of a conventional platform dolly and track setup or a versatile  slider in multiple lengths and configurations  for optimal  camera placement and movement.

Shooting in the field, the Track  Platforms  provide a level surface  up to 6m long for tracks to be laid on, keeping the running surfaces free of grass and debris.

Working with vehicles on set is made easy by our Vehicle Mount.  This rig-anywhere system  is held securely in place by German made suction cups, each with a 30kg  load capability.

Reach great heights  with the  Omniworx Crane  or Ladder Pod  as a vertical solution to your height requirements.

Gear transportation, access and workflow is  simplified with the Gear Station Trailer.

Two 3m-long  drop side  work benches  are perfect for building  cameras  and organising your equipment  in any set environment. The trailer roof can be raised to a comfortable working height while enabling gear access all round.  Two 9 square meter awnings  provide shelter from the sun  on either side of the trailer keeping  yourself and your equipment cool.

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